It’s not only European Parlimentay elections, but it’s also Children’s Day today for us in Hungary, and this has reminded me of the wonder of children, and the gift they are to us. But as a human being and a mother I cannot really pass on the knowing of that even to my own child. So this is a parental message to my child, to all children, and to adults whose inner child may feel insecure and uncertain sometimes.


Dear Child,

Oh, we love you being with us. We appreciate you in our life so much! There is nothing to repay, there is nothing to worry about. Especially, you are never to worry about being ‘deserving’. You ARE that. No matter what. Regardless how we or others look at you or what we or they say to you or want from you. We love you, but our love often does not come unconditionally. Then you feel hurt and feel less than you are. This is neither our nor your fault. Neither that is the Truth. This is just the best we can do sometimes, because we do not know how to love ourselves unconditionally in the first place. We are all on the path together, but it still remains a solitary journey in search of what is unconditionally loving. And we are looking to others to provide answers, but the answer is within. However, in the ups and downs of life it just too easily gets covered up by expectations, fears, anxieties, hurts, hopes and desires.

But my Child, you are not here only to survive.
You are here to flourish and to thrive.
You are here to live well, you are here to laugh and to make others laugh.
You are here to love and to be loved.
You are here to be treated well and to treat others well.
But you are also here to experience hurt and healing.
And you are here to make mistakes and to grow from them.

That is all part of the journey which will take you to your own Truth,
and where we will all once join.

Therefore, there is no loser in this, we are all winners.

Because Life is sweet and you are here to taste it.

Don’t be impatient though – take your time!

We love you much!

Your Parents


Krisztina Szlávik ACC
Coach & Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner
C-IQ Enhanced Skills Practitioner

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